Deyar Specialized Limited Company

Eng. Saud Alarife is Shareholder and Chairman.

Deyar Specialized Limited Co. (DSL ) was established in Riyadh–KSA in 2017. DSL is an Independent engineering and Consultancy Company that offers services and expertise in the fields of:

• Specialist Structural and Geotechnical Engineering Study
• Geological, Geophysical and Environmental Studies
• Material Technology Testing• Quality Control and Structural
• Cavity Probing and Pressure Grounting
• Hexatronic – InOne Solution (Fiber & Power)

DSL applied methods of materials testing in accordance to national and international standards and specifications, through The latest equipment’s and techniques which have been purchased from leading European, Asian and American testing Equipment manufacturers.

DSL Managed by a group of professional and experienced geotechnical and material engineers and supported by highly Qualified, highly skilled and trained technicians and drillers and equipped with up-to-date equipment’s, is aimed to be one Of the leaders in the field of geotechnical investigation and material testing.

DSL is in business to provide the highest quality of engineering and testing services. Our combined engineering experience Means that our team has credibility, professional skill and knowledge that are applied to every project and for every client.

DSL has invested in a wide range of geotechnical investigation rigs, in addition to the latest field and laboratory testing Equipment’s, to enable us to provide a high quality services for our customers to meet and exceed all their needs and Expectations


• Geotechnical Engineering Studies
• Material Technology Testing
• Quality Control Special Studies
• Pressure Grouting & Cavity Probing
• Hexatronic InOne Fiber & Power